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Local pick up (VIC/NSW/QLD/WA base on the availibility), delivery available with extra charge if not specified.

Give us a ring on (03) 9588 0116 to find out availibility or freight fee.

20-22 Venture Way, Braeside Australia VIC 3195


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  • 10x NiCad 1.2V 150Ah - 100% Depth of Discharge !
    10x NiCad 1.2V 150Ah - 100% Depth of Discharge ! Over 12 months old stock  Condition: old stock batteries/never been used/low in voltage/need to be put on charge Melbourne local pickup: 20-22 Venture Way, Braeside, VIC, 3195  Warranty: 6 month  ..
    Ex Tax: $431.82 $475.00$1,200.00
  • 6V 220Ah deep cycle tubular plate
    DG62200   Setting up your own DIY solar set up? looking to upgrade your battery bank? Then this battery is for you.  It's not the average 6V 220Ah deep cycle. The cell is made of tubular cells. On the nut shell, it handles cycles far better than the normal deep cycle which gives y..
    Ex Tax: $180.91 $199.00$300.00
  • Special! Vision CG12-90X Gel Deep Cycle 90Ah
    Vsion CG12-90X (only 3pcs left) Gel deep cycle battery 12V 90Ah (solar, caravan, boat, house...) We also have few     12V 200Ah/150Ah/100Ah/75Ah &     6V 225Ah Never used, aging stock, 3 month warranty.   Dimensions: L330mm x W171mm x H220m..
    Ex Tax: $186.36 $205.00$395.00
  • Special! Vision CGT12-100X Gel Deep Cycle 100Ah
    CGT12-100X 12V 100Ah(10hr) New battery in good condition (just in the warehouse for more than 12 months); This battery comes with 3 months warranty. Note: Voltage is low; battery needs to be recharged before use.   Battery Construction Component Positive plate Negative plate Conta..
    Ex Tax: $227.27 $250.00$525.00